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Adriane understands that people are essential to all organizational pursuits, regardless of size or industry. As a coach, program designer, facilitator, educator, and philanthropic program officer, she has always prioritized the individuals affected by the work. She dedicates her work to addressing systemic inequalities, focusing on race equity.

With the expertise she’s gained through her career in education, philanthropy, and collective impact, as well as her experiences as a Black woman in predominantly white spaces; she assists senior leaders in transforming their organizations and achieving their objectives. She established Standpoint Consulting and now serves as the principal, offering customized, outcome-driven assistance that prioritizes the individuals that power businesses and organizations as well as the ones impacted by their work. Their approach focuses on leading, aligning, planning, and collaborating to achieve results.


  • EQi 2.0/EQ 360 Certified
  • Standards for Excellence InstituteĀ® Licensed Consultant
  • Team Coaching Practitioner Certified Coach



The Standpoint Team delivers tailored, results-driven solutions emphasizing leadership, planning, alignment, and collaboration.


Engage Adriane if you are ready to bring your complex experiences and perspectives into every room you enter and make yourself your most powerful tool for change.